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CEO’s message


Anwar Al Jabri

Jabreen Capital is one of the largest companies in Oman with total assets of over $700 million. Our existing portfolio consists of high-quality long-term investments and established companies with strong cash flow generation. We have an attractive track record of growing our companies and adding value to our investments. Our committed and dedicated team comprises of talented investment professionals with deep experience and track record. These attributes assist us in our objective to enhance value for our shareholders, partners and co-investors through the sustainable generation of high risk adjusted returns. To diversify away from our regional exposure, Jabreen Capital has embarked investing in international markets with a current focus on South East Asia in non-cyclical growth sectors. By leveraging our direct presence in international markets, Jabreen Capital has become a gateway to attractive private investment opportunities in one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

We believe in the importance and value of long-term relationships and we stress on the significance of aligned interests with our shareholders and investors. Accordingly, we co-invest significantly with our partners. Given our strengths, we are keen on establishing strategic partnerships with local and international investors.