About Jabreen Capital

With assets of over $750 million, Jabreen Capital is one of the largest investment firms in Oman and is heading
towards becoming a leading private equity firm in the region with a global footprint.

Jabreen Capital Investments

Our portfolio consists of well-established and profitable businesses spread over Financial Services, Industrials and
Education sectors in Oman and GCC. As part of our Investment Strategy we are currently diversifying our portfolio
into International Growth Markets.

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Jabreen Capital owns a 17.3% stake in OMINVEST. It is one of the oldest, highly successful and largest investment firms in the region. Founded in 1983, it has been consistently profitable and has an enviable track record of uninterrupted dividend payments to shareholders. OMINVEST has long owned high-quality assets producing healthy cash flows.

about-usUbhar Capital

Ubhar Capital

Ubhar Capital SAOC (U Capital) is a CMA regulated full service investment firm. Ubhar Capital services include Asset Management, Wealth Management, Brokerage, Corporate Finance, Custody, Research, NRI Services (India Access) and E-Trading (E-Link).

about-usEast Bridge

East Bridge

Jabreen Capital owns 43% significant minority stake in EastBridge Partners Ltd., Singapore, an experienced private equity firm in South East Asia. The acquisition has positioned Jabreen Capital as a gateway to attractive private investment opportunities in SEA.

about-usBank Muscat

Bank Muscat

Jabreen Capital owns a 9.99% stake in Bank Muscat. It is Oman’s largest bank with a market cap of $3 billion, total assets of $30 billion, total loans of $19 billion, 35% market share, 165 branches, and over 3,600 employees.

about-usAhli Bank

Ahli Bank

Jabreen Capital owns an 8.4% stake in Ahli Bank. It is one of the most cost-efficient banks in Oman, has high credit quality with the lowest NPLs, and is well-positioned for growth. It has a market cap of over $600 million, total assets of $5.5 billion and total loans of $4.7 billion.

about-usAl Ahlia Insurance Oman

Al Ahlia Insurance Oman

Jabreen Capital owns 24.3% of Al Ahlia Insurance Oman. It is one of the oldest non-life insurance companies in Oman and is part of the global RSA Insurance Group. Ahlia offers insurance products to retail and commercial clients. Its products include motor, travel, home, marine and specialty lines.



8Jabreen Capital owns 14.3% of IGI. It is a leading international reinsurance company with a worldwide portfolio of Energy, Property, Construction, Ports, Financial Institutions, Aviation and other sectors. IGI is registered in the DIFC.

about-usTakaful Oman

Takaful Oman

Jabreen Capital owns 24.5% of Takaful Oman. It is the first full-fledged Islamic insurance provider in Oman and operates through two segments: General Takaful and Family Takaful.

about-usNational Life & General Insurance

National Life & General Insurance

Jabreen Capital owns 4.8% of National Life & General Insurance. First and the Largest Composite Insurance Company in Oman. A major health insurer with large market share and has regional presence in UAE and Kuwait.

about-usNational Finance House

National Finance House

Jabreen Capital owns 17.5% of National Finance House. They have built a dominant market share in the competitive vehicle financing segment of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Group is backed by a strong shareholding base of prominent institutional investors from the GCC region.



Jabreen Capital acquired a 16.9% stake in Happycall in 2019 as part of its strategy to diversify internationally to high growth markets. Established in 1999, Happycall is the number one Kitchen cookware and appliances brand in South Korea. Its main products include frying pans, ceramic pots and high-speed blenders.

about-usGulf Acrylic and Shamal Plastic

Gulf Acrylic and Shamal Plastic

Jabreen Capital owns 51.65% of GAIL & SPIL. Gulf Acrylic Industries LLC (GAIL) and Shamal Plastic Industries LLC (SPIL) are leaders in GCC in sheet extrusion manufacturing of Polycarbonate, Acrylic etc. Its customers span over Middle East, Africa, The European Union and Asia Pacific.

about-usModern Steel

Modern Steel

Jabreen Capital owns 19.5% of Modern Steel. Established in 2001, Modern Steel produces steel billets with a total capacity of 180 MT per year through its factory in Rusayl, Oman.

about-usHorizon School

Horizon School

Jabreen Capital owns 15.0% of Horizon School through its subsidiary ARON Investments. Horizon School in Abu Dhabi is one of UAE’s largest private schools. The school has more than 3 thousand students in K-12 and offers American and Arabic curriculum. The stake was acquired in the last quarter of 2017 as part of Jabreen Capital’s long-term growth strategy to build its presence in the education platform.

about-usSchool of Modern Skills

School of Modern Skills

Jabreen Capital owns 15.0% of School of Modern Skills through its subsidiary ARON Investments. Established in 2006, School of Modern Skills is in Al Muhaisnah area, Deira in Dubai. It has a capacity of over 2 thousand students and offers American curriculum. The stake was acquired in 2018 as part of Jabreen Capital’s long-term growth strategy to build its presence in the education platform.

about-usAl Omania Education Services

Al Omania Education Services

Jabreen Capital owns 40% of Al Omania Education Services, the operating company of Azzan Bin Qais schools. It has a pioneer presence in the Omani private education landscape. Comprises of three premium schools in Bausher, Seeb and Sohar. It offers Cambridge and Local Curriculum to more than 3,000 students.

about-usAl Tarbiyah Al Islamiyah

Al Tarbiyah Al Islamiyah

Jabreen Capital owns 15% of Al Tarbiyah Al Islamiyah Schools. Established in 1964, Riyadh, the school maintains a very good reputation. They offer the Saudi MoE curriculum and the American Diploma across all levels.

Our Team

Jabreen Capital’s Team comprises of individuals with a distinctive and deep track record in Private and Public Equities in Oman and
International Markets, dedicated to serving the interests of all stakeholders.

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